Sunday, November 30, 2014

A message from management

When I commissioned Ash to start this blog more than a year ago, I did so partially with the hope of making him a fan of this series but primarily it was to give him experience with writing on a consistent basis and develop a style.  I knew he wanted to be a writer but lacked experience in actually having to write something for clients with their own criteria and guidelines for what they wanted.  I'm happy with the articles he's written and podcasts we've recorded for this blog but the undeniable elephant in the room was that this show (MLP) simply doesn't suit his tastes.  To paraphrase his own words: he agrees that it is a very well made show, promotes good messages and can certainly understand the show's appeal and why so many people like it, it just isn't for him.  As a huge fan of the series, I can totally respect that and agree that it wouldn't be fun to force him to talk about something he's not really getting anything out of.  He has agreed to finish reviewing the remaining 2-part episodes since those are really the only ones with major series plot development. On a much more positive note, I am delighted that working on this blog has motivated him to branch out into freelance writing and reviewing.  You can continue to read his articles and support him at his brand new site at <>