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Apathy Pony Also Watches: Kamen Rider Fourze E01

Kamen Rider Fourze E01

Did you know that I watch things other than My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? It's true! I enjoy many different shows and movies, but mostly Sci-Fi, comedies and horror. One of the things that can fall under any or all of those categories is Japanese tokusatsu series, which is more or less what they call "live-action" shows. Thing is, I haven't actually sat down and watched that many, outside of a few random episodes of Zyuranger, better known here as the first season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

A couple of friends of mine are big Tokusatsu fans, and I had been watching them banter back and forth for a while about a series called Kamen Rider, and it's Fourze incarnation in particular. One of them asked the other if he finished it. The response was that because of the ending, they cried to a certain degree.

 Witness Testimony

Intrigued, I asked them to point me in the show's direction so I could check it out myself, and here I am about two weeks later actually finishing the episode. Procrastination rul


 Having finally sat down and watched this from start to finish for once, I have to say that it was a very well executed opening episode. I'm not even going to pretend like I've memorized any names, but the lead character is this goofball wannabe delinquent type who has a rager for making friends with the whole school he's just transferred to. Unfortunately, the school's various stereotypical cliques will likely make this quite a challenge, seeing as the Jock-Cheerleader Confederacy went out of their way to beat the shit outta the guy for sitting at their sacred table.

Also happening at this weird ass Japanese high school? Demons? Aliens? Bad not human things for sure, though, and they are attacking the school. Oh, and a pair of students that includes one of the lead's childhood gal pals are secret good guys with a hidden base, a mecha suit, and a henshin [transformation] device.

Tragically the other half of the duo is a smarmy prick who's also weak of body, and that's the only reason our lead gets to bumble his way into a fight with the Fourze henshin device. He wins because this is a children's show, but gets attacked out of nowhere by the smarmy prick, who seems super butthurt about having the lead get to play with Fourze's powers. That's where it ends! No freeze frame laughing or high five, they just drop some what-the fuckery on us an drop a preview for the next episode on us.

Thank God.

But yeah, I liked this episode, to like, reiterate or whatever. Normally not into the lighter fare when it comes to these kinds of shows, but the lead is so endearing that I can get past it. Doing so has allowed me to see other connections to things I like, such as Rival Schools, which the theme and tone of this series is reminding me of greatly.

Oh, and while I'm not going into detail, it really does kind of give you a lot of little threads to follow, which I like since it's clear that this is going to be somewhat serialized...I just hope it pays off.

No other thoughts come to mind, so if you have any questions you wanna ask, go ahead in the comments below.


-Apathy Pony

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S01 E19: "A Dog and Pony Show"

S01 E19: "A Dog and Pony Show"

Episode friggin' 19! Wow! If I tried to pat myself on the back over this shit, I'd put myself in traction. I know I'm going to finish the series, but it's been slow going getting even this far for any number of reasons. That said, I'd like to thank anyone who's been following this blog up to this point. The money is certainly nice, but what makes it really worth it is knowing I'm entertaining people to some extent.

As for the episode itself? I've been told this one is one of Adam's favorites, but I haven't the slightest clue why. When he was first watching the series, this is around the point that I checked out and stopped paying attention...well past that point, come to think of it. So far we've been of like mind for the most part, so I'm hoping that ends up being the case once again here. Without further ado...

Ponies Ponies Ponies

00:23 Rarity's doing magic! Well, magikenesis anyway. And the name of her store is the Carousel Boutique? I see what you did there...

00:27 So some pony named Sapphire Shores or something just came in, and she has a title that I could barely understand when Rarity said it...I may have to watch this part with closed captions.

01:08 Sapphire turns out to be some kind of musical pop star in equestria and wants Rarity to  design her wardrobe for some concert, since Rarity has gotten some kind of rep for her fashion designs. I wonder how much of this is intentional continuity, given that we've seen Rarity's work be evaluated by at least one other fashionista and her designs have been in somewhat high demand since then.

I like this when it happens, and I hope that it's something that continues in the future. I know the show was produced to be "easier to watch" by making the show seem more episodic, but these little nods are appreciated for those of us who have been paying attention, for whatever reasons. I never really got that mindset either-- I grew up on stuff like Gargoyles, X-Men and Spider-Man the Animated Series, so kids not being able to handle continuity is total bullshit as far as I'm concerned.

01:42 Sapphire is shown Rarity's latest work, and she loves it so much that she wants it and 5 more just like it! Too bad Rarity blew her cache of jewels on the one she already completed...I'm wondering what Sapphire sees in it though. Personally i found it to be too busy, but I'm terrible at fashion. :/

02:26 Rarity seems to be using her horn as a dowsing rod, probably to look for jewels...and Spike is with her? Weird. Why couldn't Sweetie Bell be doing this? She should exist outside of the CMC so it seems like she does other things besides irritate the other denizens of Ponyville while trying to get a cutie mark.

03:15 Was right about the dowsing rod thing! And Spike starts salivating once he digs up the jewels...he eats precious stones? The fuck? Oh, and now I'm back to wondering how exactly magic works in this show. Rarity's cutie mark makes a lot more sense if her power is specifically centered around finding rare jewels with her magic, but that has yet to be confirmed.

03:55 If Rarity can find jewels this easily, does this have any effect on their value? Would finding too many destabilize the Equestrian economy? How does the Equestrian economy even work? This show is sorely in need of some world-building.

04:21 Oh boy...Spike seems to have a crush on Rarity now that she gave him that jewel as a treat.


04:40 Special Guest Star: GOLLUM

05:08 So there seems to be three of these gem hunters, and they are intelligent enough to discern that Rarity is the one locating all the jewels. what are the chances they'll be quadrapeds?

05:58 So one of those things is a "Diamond Dog"? I wonder if it was a Carbon Dog at some point.
Also, this thing is bipedal, but also a dog, so I was semi-sorta right.

06:17 Holy crap! I knew those guys would attack Rarity-- was not expecting Spike to come to her rescue though! Good for him! Spike, you and Opal are tied for Best Supporting Character now.

06:51 "Spike! Ugh, dirt!"


06:59 Woah-- suspense! Rarity got kidnapped! How's Spike gonna deal with it? Will he try to go it alone, or ask Twilight Sparkle and the others for help? Could this feeling be...interest?!

07:03 He got help. I wonder why it's just these 5 ponies though, you'd think a few more would be willing to help search for Rarity.

07:18 Spike is breathing into a paper bag to stop his hyperventilating, and they flashback to his incoherent attempts to explain what happened to Rarity. The producers seem to be far enough into things that they're willing to give some experimentation with the format of the show a shot, and I like it a lot.

07:46 Applejack thinks things will be as simple as retrieving Rarity from the hole the Diamond Dogs took her into.


08:09 Spotted! The Diamond Dogs begin filling the holes in attempt to cut the ponies off at the pass. Pragmatic villains? In MLP?!


08:42 THEY FAILED! Near the end I was expecting Rainbow Dash to be fast enough to get down one of the holes, but even she couldn't act in time.

GOOD! Tension! Stakes! See, this is the kind of episode I can get more into, and I bet they're going to be few and far between just for that. >_>

09:05 So they cut away to an imagine spot of Rrity freaking out like an exagerated hypocondriac in her filth prison. Do all the ponies get this treatment? They should, it's interesting to see what they think of each other.

10:00 With no other options, the ponies start to dig, but the Diamond Dogs counter every attempt with comical ease...I like the Diamond Dogs up to this point, and I hope they make more appearances in the future. And if they can't, please write other bad guys who are as competent as they are!

10:19 Another Rarity freak out fantasy segment...they'll likely subvert this by showing her making friends with them or something, but I really hope she just manages to escape on her own.

10:43 Looks like they missed a hole! And Spike is going to use the gem Rarity gave him to lure out the Diamond Dogs, I guess? Spike is being all chivalrous and shit, it's adorable.

10:47 Until they pulled the camera back, I was expecting Spike to be dressed like Superman, since he kind of looked like the DCAU version a little bit in this imagine spot.

Someone, somewhere has masturbated to this.

10:57 Why the fuck do the Diamond Dogs have cat eyes? Can't believe I only just now noticed that...


12:50 They got a "bite", and the six of them get dragged down into a subterranian network of tunnels deep beneath the ground and not a clue which of the multitude of paths they should take to even escape, let alone find Rarity...

See, now I know this isn't going to happen, but what I would do is have them get so despondant and desperate that they summon the Elements of Harmony to use as a means of locating Rarity, since the six of them have a bond of friendship through them.


13:19 So Rarity's gem-finding spell that was introduced in THIS EPISODE is not unique, she taught it to Twilight OFF SCREEN, and she's going to attempt to recall how it works. Figures. :/

13:35 It worked, and off they go.

14:18 So the Diamond Dogs have started forcing Rarity to find jewels. She finds some, and then they make the mistake of asking her to dig for them, even though they are clearly more skilled at it. Fortunately, Rarity is having none of their shit and seems primed and ready to tell them to fuck off.

14:54 Not exactly what happens-- she makes a middling attempt, but only because she had a pony-pedi, and the Diamond Dogs just say "fuck it" and tell her to stop.


15:36 So much for that-- "If you will not dig, you will pull!" Then Rarity starts throwing shade about their bad grooming and terrible breath, because RARITY


The only other place I have seen this is in an obscure RPG on the Nintendo DS called My World, My Way, and it's pretty much Rarity: The Game if she were a human princess in an anime European fantasy setting. The combat was pretty shallow and gets repetitive after a while, but it was a wonderfully meta game, and this episode is making me want to replay it a little.

But yeah, Rarity is getting on the Diamond Dogs' nerves so hard that it is causing at least one of them physical pain, and that's hilarious/AWESOME.

16:32 "I am not whining, I am complaing! Do you want to hear whining?"

School these motherfuckas, Rarity, SCHOOL 'EM


This is probably the funniest thing I've seen in the show yet, and it makes me a little sad that this will probably be where this peaks this season...but I am totally willing to be disappointed if that ends up being completely wrong. And the humor is character-based, which I love. This moment right here is probably the most Cordelia-esque that I've seen Rarity be, and I'm a little annoyed that it took this long for that to truly sink in for her character since I'm eating it up with a spoon.
Actually, I'm pretty confident Cordelia did exactly this at some point, but I'm not entirely sure...


17:09 DD: "Stop whining!"

R: "But I thought you wanted whining!"

DD:"We'll do anything pony! [of Rarity's gaze] Oh, uh, we'll do anything, Ms. Rarity!"

R: "Anything?"


No, seriously, Rarity is the best pony. Yes, she is.

17:44 The Diamond Dogs finally have it dawn on them that they should grow a pair and stand up to Rarity, and I like this development even though I hope they fail miserably and hilariously.

18:06. Oh. SHIT.

One of these dumbasses made the mistake of calling Rarity a mule and smacking her ass in an attempt to get her to pull the cart. If this weren't a kids' show I'd be fairly certain that the offending Diamond Dog would be reduced to a crater in the spot where he once stood, but let's see how this actually plays out.

18:50 So Rarity starts the waterworks up because she feels that she's ugly since the Diamond Dog reffered to her as a "mule", but I'm pretty sure this is yet another ploy.

19:00 Rarity's sobbing and crying is even worse to the Dogs than the whining, and they've reached their limit. I really hope this is a ploy on Rarity's part, she was owning them up to this point and I'd hate to see her achieve victory out of sheer narcissism alone.

19:32 Oh right, there are other, lesser, not-Rarity ponies. And they get themselves captured by loudly announcing their intentions to rescue Rarity. Fortunately Applejack initiates a counter by telling the others to buck their captors off. This is why Applejack was best pony. Nothing wrong with 2nd place!

19:51 Turns out the bucking bronco treatment was super effective! Nice job.

20:04 Spike tries to ride Twilight as his personal steed before the rescue attempt and she gives him some withering side-eye. "Just give me this, okay?"

And she does, haha

Opal, you better watch out, seriously.


20:44 Rarity is going to saunter outta there with cartloads of jewels, leaving the traumatized Diamond Dogs in her wake and not giving one. Single. Fuck.

21:05 "I had them wrapped around my hoof the entire time!" The crying was part of her plan, like I thought. Rarity, ladies and gentlemen.

21:21 "Just somepony is ladylike doesn't make her weak. In fact, by using her wits, a seemingly defenseless pony can be the one who outwits and outshines them all!"


No, seriously, this is the best lesson this season, and it mostly makes up for that bullshit aesop from "Feeling Pinky Keen". Thank you.


Final Thoughts

Well, shit! This episode is the best yet, seriously. My shameless Rarity bias is admittedly a factor, but when combined with a strong lesson, character-based humor, and challenging villains, there's really little that compares to it up to this point, at least as far as I'm concerned. Make one'a these for the rest of the cast and this show might finally start proving why the fans like it as much as they do.

That's all for now! See you next time for Green Isn't Your Color!

- Apathy Pony

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S01 E18: "The Show Stoppers"

S01 E18: "The Show Stoppers"

Reviews! MLP Reviews! Woo.

Closing in on the end of the season, and at this rate I might have it finished before the new year! Maybe. Possibly. I don't know. [Editor's note: lol, no]


The Show Stoppers! Never heard anything about this one, no idea what to expect, and I'm hoping we get a 100% nitpick free episode. The quality, while rocky in various areas, remains largely acceptable (or at least enough to continue watching in the hopes of improvement).

Will this episode be the one to break the show's current streak of adequacy? We shall see...

Glorified Synopsis

00:07 THE CMC AGAIN?! Hnnn...let's hope they're better behaved than the last episode.

00:34 Just want to say the backgrounds are looking great, and we aren't even a minute in. Wonderful. Also, that is one busted-ass treehouse. How are the three of them even supposed to fit into that thing?

00:42 So this place was apparently Applejack's old clubhouse, and every attempt she makes to sell the CMC on taking it over is accompanied by parts of it collapsing and/or falling off. Good job giving a fixer-upper to some ponies that don't even have opposable thumbs or magikenesis, AJ. :|

00:58 "'TLC' as in 'Tender Loving Care' or Totally Lost Cause?'"

...Alright Scootaloo. You keep that snark coming and you may work your way back into my good graces after all.

01:13 So this is some ploy to get the CMC to fix up the clubhouse in the hopes of getting their cutie marks? Applejack, this is total bullshit. >_>

On the other hand, this intro set up the premise of the episode well enough, but I'm wondering how this scenario is going to lead into the title.

02:04 Oh, so Scootaloo has an artistic streak, I see! Cool! And I guess I see where the name comes from, what with the, ah, scooter and all.

02:20 Poor, poor Granny Smith. God, was that her name her entire life?

02:55 Clubhouse is actually renovated! Not bad for a trio of quadrupeds (mostly Applebloom) with no opposable thumbs.

03:13 Sounds like the CMC has a theme song...thank god Sweetie Bell is singing it to herself.


Oh, and this is feeling like the episode where at least one of them get their marks. I mean, come on, scooter tricks, super decorating skills and, um...humming? If they went out of their way to establish this, I'll be surprised if this whole CMC thing isn't resolved at the end for at least one of them.

04:02 I like that Applejack could barely contain her incredulity when she heard the words "theme song".

05:35 Okay, I like this montage, for two reasons:

A.) They did not make a fucking musical number out of it! "Show, don't tell" is one of the rules of storytelling which musicals shit on as a convention of the genre, and it should go without saying that I am irritated by that kind of thing when it happens. It's not happening here! I like that.

B.) The CMC are (reasonably) well behaved! After last episode's staggering obnoxiousness, the CMC seem to have been toned down considerably and it's much appreciated.

05:51 You let toddlers style your hair, you deserve what you get. Also, why do you sound like a baby when you cry, older pony? Weird.



07:00 What is this tiny mountain? How is it? I don't

07:34 Spike is clearly not enamored of the CMC's "adorable" shenanigans, and he is now neck and neck with Opal for Favorite Supporting Character once again.

08:04 So it's their 3rd appearance and someone FINALLY told the CMC to try things they already like to find their special talent! And it's Twilight Sparkle of all ponies, the most inconsistently intelligent of them all. Good for her, she's been needing a moment like this for a while.


08:30 Rarity is SICK OF YOUR SHIT, SWEETIE BELL. Bless her.

09:34 The CMC just gathered up a bunch of shit and a book on ghost stories...Spike pretty much summed it up when he said he wasn't sure if he should be excited or ambivalent.


13:29 More of the above, and making it super obvious that the three of them should have switched jobs, with Applebloom on costumes and sets, Scootaloo on choreography, and Sweetie Bell producing the song. I have to remind myself of the target demographic for this show is on occasion, but it's still annoying when the show has to do things like this.

14:32 Applejack walks in on the CMC's train wreck of a routine and tries to back away slowly before they catch her...but slowly was the mistake. The CMC ask AJ what she thinks and she can barely verbalize how atrocious they are, bless her.


14:50 SNIPS AND SNAILS! And they're terrible at magic.

15:20 Pony applause is stamping their hooves? I'm pretty sure I saw them actually clapping at some point...oh well, whatever.

15:30 You can't see their entire costumes, as usual, but from what I can glean they are cosplaying as The Misfits from Jem or some shit like that.



16:21 Well, let's get this shit over with...

16:44 Applejack looks humiliated, lol

17:14 you know...this isn't entirely terrible. The singing needs some work, but for three pre-teens or whatever the hell they are in pony years, this isn't really that bad, considering.

17:37 Spoke too soon...


19:14 Are they going to win something? They're going to win aren't they...

19:40 If Snips and Snails didn't start that argument about who's award for best magic act was shinier, it could easily be taken out of context if you didn't know what they were talking about.

20:16 The CMC won best comedy act? Was that even a category? This was a pity award, wasn't it? Meh, whatever. After that kind of embarrassment, at least they won something.

20:32 NO CUTIE MARKS?! BULLSHIT! I hope this arc is over soon, now that the inevitable conclusion has been telegraphed.

Oh, and Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara, and Twist were also participants and THEY DIDN'T WIN SHIT! Good. Well, except Twist-- I heard the fandom despises her for some reason, but I'm personally indifferent to her.

21:33 The CMC have once again refused to glean anything from their experience and will now be pursuing comedy as a way of earning their cutie marks.


Final Thoughts

You know what? This episode, on the whole, is a'ight. Animation, backgrounds, character designs, dialogue, blahbity-blah. All fine. What's not fine? Taking plausible character development and kicking it square in the dick.

I'm not really feeling the CMC at this point. Honestly, their "precocious" enthusiasm and inability to learn from their experiences is not particularly endearing, and it's been an ongoing trait of theirs since their second appearance. I hope, for the sake of the characters, that this Cutie Mark quest gets wrapped up real soon, because I don't know how much more of this shit I can tolerate. Even if they stretch it out so that they get their marks one by one, FINE! Just get on with it already.

See you next time for A Dog and Pony Show! (seriously? they really went there)

- Apathy Pony

S01 E17: "Stare Master"

S01 E17: "Stare Master"

Sorry for the long delay! Holiday season and all'a that means I had to take a break. I had written this and 4 other blogs over the last few weeks, one of which...*shudder*

But we'll get to that in time. 

Alrighty! So, "Stare Master". Based on the title alone I have no idea what to expect, other than probably some insane facial expressions. Since the 13th episode, this series has taken a jarring turn towards higher quality, though not without some missteps along the way...can it continue to improve? I dunno, but I'm about to find out! Maybe it's an ensemble piece...

A Chronological Commentary On Stuff That Happened In The Episode

00:11 Okay lots of Rarity...and Sweetie Bell? Huh. Uh...

00:58 After some Rube Goldberg-ian shenannigans, Sweetie Bell has completely fucked up Rarity's studio after being told to sit her ass down. I would be annoyed by Sweetie Bell because of this, but Rainbow Dash pulls this shit every other episode and NOTHING HAPPENS TO HER. So you know what? Until Dash gets some much needed retribution, I'm letting this slide.

01:47 SWEETIE BELL AND RARITY ARE SISTERS AND THEY SHOULD HAVE ESTABLISHED THAT IN "CALL OF THE CUTIE". This would have surprised me, but I got spoiled about it. >_>

Wait, haven't Applejack and Rarity lived in Ponyville for YEARS? There's only one school in town, how could Applebloom and Sweetie Bell NOT have known each other already? You know what? Never mind. I'm going to stress myself out thinking about this and I still want to like Call of the Cutie. <_<

01:57 So Sweetie Bell is pulling Applebloom's schtick from Call of the Cutie and trying to assist Rarity with her projects in order to find her special gift and get her Cutie Mark. I hope they don't do this with What's-her-name too, this is already getting obnoxious. :|

02:11 Now that I think about it, what the fuck do sparkly jewels have to do with fashion design? I mean it's part of it when it comes to accessorizing, but shouldn't Rarity have a dress or some sewing needles or some shit on her ass instead of diamonds? *sigh*...great, I'm over-analyzing. Wonderful.

02:37 Opal is back, fresh from the groomers, and being a claw-wielding bitch. Love it.

02:47 So Fluttershy can do something called "The Stare"? Interesting...and ominous-sounding.

02:59 Sweetie Bell hears that dealing with animals is Fluttershy's special gift, walks up to Opal thinking maybe that could be hers...she'll be limping back, with scars, watch.

03:03 Okay, not scars, but Sweetie Bell got her 'do fucked up, which is probably just as bad as far as she or Rarity are concerned. And look at that sinister grin...Just go home Spike, Opal's got this shit.

03:56 Rarity expalins that she has a huge project due tonight that involves special silk...the CMC will fuck it up trying to help Sweetie Bell find her gift is my guess.

Speaking of, the other two members of the CMC show up as if on cue, Applebloom and, uh...her. You can tell who made an impression out of the three of them, huh?

04:00 SCOOTALOO! That's her name. I'll probably forget it again. Is she anyone's sister? The other two are, it'd be nice if she wasn't so that the three CMC members aren't virtually identical in backstory.

04:26 DAMN Y'ALL BITCHES IS LOUD, also Sweetie Bell made them all little capes with a CMC logo patched sewn to them, that's cute.

04:40 Sweetie Bell lined those capes with the special silk mentioned earlier, and Rarity looks heated. Oooh, you gon' get it now, Sweetie!


05:09 CMC SLEEPOVER IS CANCELLED. I'd feel bad for them, but Sweetie Bell went and fucked up the gold silk that she was present for when it was explained that it was hard to make and for a different, time-sensetive project, so you know what? NO SYMPATHY FOR SWEETIE BELL. Sorry you got dragged into her bullshit Applebloom and Scootaloo, now you get to help her work all night trying to replace the gold silk instead of doing whatever is officially fun at a sleepover.

Sorry 'bout it! (not sorry)

05:29 So Fluttershy has volunteered to step in and take care of the CMC for the night! How generous...and given the formula of this show, incredibly foolish, I'm assuming. On the other hand, it was nice to see my first presumption of the plot actually be entirely wrong.

05:38 "These sweet little angels?" is said and then the CMC get literal halos over their heads...this is going to end in tears.

05:46 Naw, for real tho', y'all is some LOUD ASS PONIES.

06:29 Fluttershy runs into Twilight Sparkle on her way back home with the CMC, and Twilight mentions that she's going to see Zecora to get some of her favorite tea. Glad Zecora got a mention at least, UNLIKE THE FRIGGIN' MAYOR OF PONYVILLE, WHO ISN'T EVEN NAMED AND DISAPPEARS FOR SEVERAL EPISODES AT A GODDAMN TIME.



06:48 In case you forgot how badly Fluttershy has possibly screwed herself, the CMC's halos come out one more time.

06:58 The CMC have been in Fluttershy's house for less than a minute and they are already putting their presumptuously sticky hooves all over everything and generally FUCKING SHIT UP. And look at Fluttershy-- nothing delicous, savory REGRET.

07:34 Fluttershy is trying to talk the CMC into doing something else other than stay up all night and break shit, and you can see on her face that she's watching her world collapse all around her. SUCH IS THE FOLLY OF THOSE DRIVEN BY HUBRIS

08:07 LOUD. ASS. PONIES. Also? They're kind of getting on my nerves...please stop that! I liked you before! I want to keep liking you! Please stop being annoying?


08:32 So Scootaloo and Applebloom have donned a blanket and basket helmet, and this has somehow caused them to get shrouded in shadows and GLOWING EYES. Is Fluttershy seeing this shit? No, seriously.

09:02 CMC finally broke some shit! Knew it. And Fluttershy, don't enable them, what the fuck?

09:12 Okay, the CMC decide to be carpenters and come back with doctor-type shit on...admittedly that got a chuckle out of me, but this shit is getting old real fast.

09:28 "Hammer! Hammer."

Okay, I chuckled again. Be amusing! it makes you less ANNOYING, CMC.

09:50 The little shits FINALLY calmed down, here's hoping it lasts a while. For Fluttershy's sake, if not mine. 

10:58 The CMC are in bed, tucked in, and Fluttershy is trying to sing them to sleep. Guessing they're going to fake sleeping and sneak out once she's gone, here goes...

Oh, and that is THE BRIGHTEST FUCKING CANDLE EVER, doesn't Ponyville have electricity somehow STOP STOP THINKING

11:19 HERE WE GO, MORE SINGING, but it has in-universe justification, so fine, whatever.

11:45 Alright, it's not the entire CMC, it's mostly just Sweetie Bell that gets on my nerves, and this musical number isn't helping her case. And it's not the song being in the show itse lf (for once), it's because she's singing this song all loud as FUCK, and giving Fluttershy a hard time.

11:57 THE LIGHTS CAME ON WITH AN AUDIBLE CLICK OF A LIGHTSWITCH and the CMC are on the loose trying to round up chickens. If ponies have uteruses in this world, then Fluttershy's probably has armed guards and boobie traps after this shit.

12:36 AND FLUTTERSHY HAS USED THE EPYONIMOUS STARE! Apparently she can give stink-eye so hard that it causes all who see it to submit to her will without hesitation. Nice.

I wonder how many of her animal friends really just live in fear of her. Except for that bunny, he doesn't seem to put up with her shit at all, lol

12:57 The CMC has learned of THE STARE, and dare not question Fluttershy when she puts them to bed this time, lest she be angered and invoke it's power with a furious wrath. I mean, after a dragon, who else is going to resist her?

14:06 I like that Fluttershy knows that it's "too quiet" and checks on the CMC. If she wasn't being so self-congratulatory about her child-rearing skills a little while ago, she may have caught them sneaking out, lol

14:30 Okay, seriously, they should have a way of contacting Zecora in case any of this stupid shit happens. Or make a locator spell, or SOMETHING. They really, really need to define how magic works, because I can instantly come up with ways to resolve the plot if they actually used it creatively.

15:10 Desention in the ranks of the CMC! I was wondering when the in-fighting would start.

15:37 Or...OR your special talent is being loud and obnoxious, and Rainbow Dash could probably get pointers from you three, which is saying something. And Sweetie Bell has become the most level-headed, which is weird, I always figured Applebloom for that role.


16:36 "Don't move, I'll be back for you!"



17:31 You're all going to get turned to stone, and that's what you get for not listening to Fluttershy when she is in the middle of describing a living horror that can turn you to stone.

18:26 For the love of GAWD Fluttershy, break out THE STARE and calm these annoying brats down!




19:42 "Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned that when a child gets out of line, I should threaten them with THE PAIN OF DEATH to make them behave."

20:25 Oh right, Rarity was doing stuff. Meh.

21:07 Way to rub your psychologically scarring child taming technique in Rarity's face, lol

Also, Rarity looked super pissed when the CMC wouldn't listen to her, haha

21:31 Oh, Opal, you are a bitch. ^_^

Final Thoughts

Good episode...mostly. I was afraid the CMC might get annoying, and boy did they ever push that limit. I hope they get their cutie marks in the next appearance they have, they're wearing out their welcome faster than I thought they would. The animation was decent, pretty backgrounds, and another monster! All good stuff. Keep it up, show! I am not backsliding into total indifference, and that can only be a good thing.

See you next time for The Show Stoppers? Uh...

- Apathy Pony