Sunday, January 26, 2014

Apathy Pony Also Watches: Kamen Rider Fourze E01

Kamen Rider Fourze E01

Did you know that I watch things other than My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? It's true! I enjoy many different shows and movies, but mostly Sci-Fi, comedies and horror. One of the things that can fall under any or all of those categories is Japanese tokusatsu series, which is more or less what they call "live-action" shows. Thing is, I haven't actually sat down and watched that many, outside of a few random episodes of Zyuranger, better known here as the first season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

A couple of friends of mine are big Tokusatsu fans, and I had been watching them banter back and forth for a while about a series called Kamen Rider, and it's Fourze incarnation in particular. One of them asked the other if he finished it. The response was that because of the ending, they cried to a certain degree.

 Witness Testimony

Intrigued, I asked them to point me in the show's direction so I could check it out myself, and here I am about two weeks later actually finishing the episode. Procrastination rul


 Having finally sat down and watched this from start to finish for once, I have to say that it was a very well executed opening episode. I'm not even going to pretend like I've memorized any names, but the lead character is this goofball wannabe delinquent type who has a rager for making friends with the whole school he's just transferred to. Unfortunately, the school's various stereotypical cliques will likely make this quite a challenge, seeing as the Jock-Cheerleader Confederacy went out of their way to beat the shit outta the guy for sitting at their sacred table.

Also happening at this weird ass Japanese high school? Demons? Aliens? Bad not human things for sure, though, and they are attacking the school. Oh, and a pair of students that includes one of the lead's childhood gal pals are secret good guys with a hidden base, a mecha suit, and a henshin [transformation] device.

Tragically the other half of the duo is a smarmy prick who's also weak of body, and that's the only reason our lead gets to bumble his way into a fight with the Fourze henshin device. He wins because this is a children's show, but gets attacked out of nowhere by the smarmy prick, who seems super butthurt about having the lead get to play with Fourze's powers. That's where it ends! No freeze frame laughing or high five, they just drop some what-the fuckery on us an drop a preview for the next episode on us.

Thank God.

But yeah, I liked this episode, to like, reiterate or whatever. Normally not into the lighter fare when it comes to these kinds of shows, but the lead is so endearing that I can get past it. Doing so has allowed me to see other connections to things I like, such as Rival Schools, which the theme and tone of this series is reminding me of greatly.

Oh, and while I'm not going into detail, it really does kind of give you a lot of little threads to follow, which I like since it's clear that this is going to be somewhat serialized...I just hope it pays off.

No other thoughts come to mind, so if you have any questions you wanna ask, go ahead in the comments below.


-Apathy Pony

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