Wednesday, May 22, 2013

S01 E05: "Griffon the Brush-Off"

S01 E05: “Griffon the Brush-Off”
Yes, these reviews are still a thing! I really would like to get them out more often than I have, but the instant I get to my weekend, I’m well and truly wiped out. Maybe I should start doing them in batches or something. Anyways! Enough complainifying, you’re here for semi-insightful MLP analysis! And lemme tell you, this episode just may have ended up being a game-changer…okay, it’s a game-changer, at least character-wise. In what ways, you ask? Well the answers lie below the fold…

What I Liked

It seems that Pinkie Pie is considered annoying in-universe to the point that she is actively ignored and/or avoided by other characters. Now that this has been firmly established, I hope it doesn’t end up going to Meg Griffin-levels of abuse…

…Especially since sometimes Pinkie Pie just might be trying to tell you something important. See that shit? It’s character development! Now spare some for Rarity’s one-note ass and we might have ourselves a proper cast.

Nice to see that Pinkie Pie actually gives a shit if her antics might cause someone harm or not. The likability just keeps on coming! Weird.

“…The hell did this come from?”

“OH FU—”

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash got some shit in common an’ erry’thang! They like to pull pranks. Their bond over this becomes so strong that you just know something is going to come along and fuck it up.

And that’s how Rarity got addicted to Pony Cocaine. 

See! I knew she was being all lazy and shit in the pilot! Writing it herself would have been faster, what the hell, Twilight?

Appplejack is having none of your prankster bullshit. Be glad that she doesn’t have opposable thumbs, because she looked so pissed that she probably would have improvised a potato gun and fucked the both of you up with some ballistic apples.

So apparently Pinkie Pie draws the line at pulling pranks on Fluttershy because she’s “too sensitive”, but betraying her partners for the lulz? A-OK

Also, Fluttershy got all them bitches fooled, she crazy as hell behind closed doors, watch.

That’s Rainbow Dash’s house? No wonder she can be all arrogant and shit, I’d be telling people to fuck off too if I lived in Rainbow Cloud Olympus.

So after Pinkie Pie is Griffin the Brush-Off by Dash and Gilda (GET IT?), she catches up to them later, as promised. She uses a trampoline and a flying contraption which we have never seen in her possession which, like the Hinden-Peter, begs a certain question:

After watching Gilda abuse the many denizens of Ponyville, Pinkie Pie has decided that she’s had enough of her shit and decides to wreak her vengeance…in the form of a nice party? Well, that’s one way to do it, I guess.

Pinkie Pie condescends to Fluttershy, and the instant Pinkie Pie walks away, you can see the start of THE RAGE.

What I Hated

THIS BITCH RIGHT HERE. Gilda the Griffin is smug, arrogant, self-absorbed, and completely devoid of likability. In fact, she’s a likability black hole, which explains why Rainbow Dash ended up being such a jerk in the pilot— Previous exposure to Gilda had any basic pony decency all but sucked out of her. I seriously hope she never comes back, and that we meet some griffins that don’t fucking suck.


Glad Gilda finally showed her true colors so she can finally fuck off.

What the Fuck

I know I've seen this a couple times before already, but I just noticed this— What the hell are these clouds made out of that they can support the full weight of a pony?

Is that Derpy? I can’t really seem to tell. It’s not helped that she seems to be in the company of a palette swap clone of some sort.

This is an awful lot of goddamn stalking just to pull off a prank. What exactly is your day job anyway, Pinkie Pie? There aren’t always parties going on. What do you do? How do you pay your pony rent?


“You think that this is the worst thing that can happen to you, Spike? Oh, no. This is how it starts.”

What I Think of the Main Characters

Twilight Sparkle: She kind of annoyed me in this one by blowing off Pinkie Pie’s concerns that Gilda might be something of a cunt. Fortunately she apologized at the end of the episode, so it’s all good.

Applejack: Still my fave, but she didn’t have much to do in this one. But she JUST GOT a spotlight episode, so who cares?

Rainbow Dash: Much improved! She’s actually a lot more considerate and personable than she was in the last few episodes. No longer hated…for now.

Rarity: Snorts some Pony Blow.

Fluttershy: She’s capable of ANGER, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES

Pinkie Pie: Is actually LIKED! I like her now. She’s annoying, but she means well and she goes out of her way to see the best in people, even to the point where she can no longer deny that they fucking suck. Way to go Pinkie Pie, don’t fuck it up.

Closing Thoughts

This was a pretty good episode! It had a nice lesson, there were plenty of laughs, and the animation during the flying scenes with Rainbow Dash and, *shudder* Gilda were done excellently. Five episodes in and the show remains watchable! Not bad for a cartoon about candy-colored ponies.

That’s it for this episode! Thanks for reading the blog, and see you next time!

-Apathy Pony


  1. "I'm a year older than you." sold me on Fluttershy in the beginning. She's freaking adorable :3

  2. These questions you have will be answered. :)