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S01 E26: "The Best Night Ever"

S01 E26: "The Best Night Ever"


Oh my God, it's been a whole fucking year as of this writing [ED Note: April 4th], but I've finally, finally finished the first season. It's been a long road getting here, and that's mostly due to procrastination, so I hope you weren't expecting something inspirational or some shit.


As for "The Best Night Ever?" It was good! Good. Even the intro teaser was jam-packed with sight gags, mostly related to the fact that the entire main cast and most people in Equestria are, in fact, goddamn horses. At one point I was wondering if this episode was actually produced earlier in the season and the producers realized that they kinda blew their cleverness wad early, thus choosing to move "The Best Night Ever" to serve as a season finale instead of after "The Ticket Master". Probably just me, but that would have made more sense thematically. 


Speaking of continuity, there is a metric fuck-ton of it in this episode. There was a musical number that irritated me, but even that was basically an extended screed about the main cast's primary motivations that were established throughout the series. And to top it off, they were wearing their gowns that Rarity designed way back in "Suited for Success"



The entire premise of the episode centers around the Hexa-ponies going to the Grand Galloping Gala. Each of them have expectations of how exactly the night will be awesome for them personally while Spike tries and fails to encourage them to spend their time in Canterlot with them. Of course, they don't get what they want, quite the opposite in fact. The episode goes through the usual montage thing of each ponies whatever is going on in the episode, but Fluttershy's attempts at trying to charm the animals and Pinkie Pie's annoying attempts to spice up the festivities were the only sequences that are actually remotely funny. 

All of this culminates in the Gala being ruined by their trying-too-hard. Twilight is mortified about it and worried that Princess Celestia will have them drawn and quartered (not really, but HA! if she would have), and of course Celestia is all amused and shit. Barely anything phases her and i'm starting to wonder if her horn is made out of magic Prozac.


Final Thoughts

Overall, as I said earlier, a GOOD episode. Not great, not life changing, but genuinely entertaining at times, though not consistently. All I can really say that is this is any indication of what the show will be like next season,  with continued improvement, it's looking good for it's chances of me finding it to be legitimately entertaining instead of anywhere between watchable and eye-gougingly terrible. 

See you next time for the Season 1 Wrap-Up!

- Apathy Pony

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