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S01 E23: "The Cutie Mark Chronicles"

S01 E23: "The Cutie Mark Chronicles"

Ugh...finally got back on the wagon. It was really, really difficult to work up the energy to review this episode. Over A Barrel left me with a strong aversion to watching any more of this, but I am a professional-- the show must go on.

The other reason I was dreading this was due to the CMC being heavily involved, but the episode ended up being more of an origins episode for the main six ponies. I feel like this was a story that should have been told immediately after the pilot, but it's good to know that they got around to it eventually.

The episode started off slow, but it got progressively funnier throughout it's run-time. It never caused any belly laughs like A Dog and Pony Show did for me, but it was certainly amusing enough to raise it above the mediocrity of earlier episodes by far.

Even though the CMC are featured prominently, they weren't egregiously annoying this time around. This is probably the point where I should give up any hope of them realizing that every cutie mark is related to someone's meaningful name, so I'll just have to accept this as a running gag.

Choice moments from the episode are detailed in the section below

Spay and Geld Your Ponies

00:12 The episode opens with the CMC ziplining. There's a tasteless reference i could make about which one of them has herpes, but i won't-- aww crap, too late.

00:40 They went ziplining to get a cutie mark? They hadn't even heard of it until Spike told them about it! For their trouble they ended up falling through a ton of pine trees and getting slathered with sap and pine needles, but no broken bones. It must be awesome to live in a world where all the horrifying shit is merely implied.

00:57 Holy crap, Scootaloo is ready to throw in the towel! They had to reach a breaking point eventually, although i kind of hoped it would be sooner so they could start getting more likable.

01:44 One of the CMC finally get the brainwave to ask how the other ponies got their cutie marks, but conveniently decide to ask my least favorite of the main cast for advice. This episode better get good reeeeeeeeeeeal quick.

05:30 Applejack's backstory about how she tried living in the city adds  some interesting depth to her character. Also, the fact that her aunt and uncle have the surname "Orange" is a well executed, yet subtle joke--


"Manehattan", however, was not.


05:53 Watching this episode is really making me question if it's the entire CMC that gets on my nerves or just Scootaloo. She totally shat all over AJ's tale for being "boring", even though it clearly displayed a way of getting a Cutie Mark by trying a new way of life and not whatever whim happens to come along.

08:01 I like Fluttershy's cutie mark origin story so far, especially since it shows Rainbow Dash acting out of character, i.e. not being a cu-IS THAT A FUCKING SONG OH GOD

09:28 The song was not terrible, though gratuitous, but Fluttershy's story was 20% cooler than expected.


Oh, and of course Scootaloo completely ignores the shit out of what Fluttershy has to say to focus on Rainbow Dash. I hope her story is fucking lame out of spite.

11:41 So we got to Rarity's story, and it was chuckle-worthy all throughout. I halfway expected her to scream "I'M FUCKING RICH!" when that rock cracked open. Related note, Scootaloo's insistent bitchiness has done a 180 into funny, but they better not push it.

15:22 TWILIGHT SPARKLE IS AN X-MAN and kind of a spaz.

15:37 "Look at this frolickin' bitch right here..."


20:27 So we get Rainbow Dash's story, and apparently she's the one who created the Wave Existence of whatever that triggered everyone else's cutie mark origins. So I guess that makes Dash the Jar Jar Binks of this story, seeing as she is responsible for incredibly important shit while also being the most annoying.


If Rainbow Dash caused a Sonic Rainboom in FULL FUCKING VIEW OF AN OCCUPIED STADIUM, shouldn't it have been a proven fact before the titular episode where it was also considered a myth?

This fucking show...

21:05 They took the last few seconds to make me relate to Scootaloo's aversion to more singing.

...those assholes


Closing Thoughts

this episode was not terrible! Okay, it was decent. not great though! The important thing is that it was good enough to shatter any ennui from watching Over A Barrel, so continuing with the series should be a lot easier.

See you next time for Owl's Well That Ends Well!

- Apathy Pony

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