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S01 E07: "Dragonshy" - Part 1

S01 E07: "Dragonshy" - Part 1

Alright, so, Dragonshy. I don't really have any idea what to expect from this, but the header image is encouraging. After Applejack, Fluttershy has been the most amusing of the six. Well, let's get this shit started...

Is this where the show starts getting really, really good or something? Dragonshy starts off with Fluttershy trying to get Angel Bunny to eat some more carrot, and I have to admit, it made me laugh out loud, often. The part where the bunny tried to point out the smoke coming from a mountain also amused. Not even a minute in and the episode is already packed with jokes? Please God, let it be consistent from here on out. 

So after the opening, we see Fluttershy trying to warn everyone about their potential impending doom via fire or volcanic eruption or some shit like that. She ain't assertive about it or anything, so everyone ignores her. This continues until Twilight Sparkle shows up with some mothafuckin' bass in her voice and lets Ponyville know what's up.
Also, this happened at some point. 

Twilight got a text from Princess Celestia saying that the smoke isn't from a fire, it's from a dragon, which is worse I guess. Fluttershy is, naturally, scared shitless, because dragon. 

So we cut to the principal cast trying to figure out what to do about this dragon situation. Rarity points out that they aren't even remotely qualified to handle this, and is promptly dismissed by Rainbow Dash who suggests heaping fuckin' helpings of violence while trying to break expensive shit. Twilight says they have to do it because

A.) Princess Celestia said so

B.) Equestria will be choked with smoke if they don't


C.) Who needs those pegasus royal guards? Why have the omnipresent and all-powerful Princess-Goddess of Daylight lower herself to dispose of a mere dragon? You six are heavily featured in the opening credits--DEAL WITH IT.

There's a shit-packing montage, and the backgrounds in them look really, REALLY good. I don't think I've ever seen the backgrounds look that detailed in the past, but it's been weeks since I watched an episode, sue me.

(don't sue me)

But yeah, I think this montage is a take on something, some kinda parody...I'm gonna say A-Team. Yeah,  that feels right--A-Team.

They're ready to go now, and Twilight explains that the Dragon is in a scary-ass cave at the top of a cold-ass mountain peak. Fluttershy tries to worm her way out of going because cold mountain top dragon confrontation, and Twilight says she has to come because she's the one with the Heart Ring or something. Twilight says Spike can take care of her animals in the meadow, and he shows up fucking things up already. Rainbow Dash takes Twilight aside, and she's all like

RD: Look, this bitch is scary as hell-- can't we just leave her here? I already got this heavy-ass backpack, I don't need to be draggin' no corpse on the way back home!

TS: Gurl, she just nervous! She'll be alright!

And then Fluttershy is over there literally being frightened of her own shadow. You'd think they'd leave her home, spare her some psychological trauma, right?


To be continued in S01 E07: "Dragonshy" - Part 2

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  1. Yay! Fluttershy's episode! Glad to see your opinion of PinkiePie has changed :)