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S01 E07: "Dragonshy" - Part 3

S01 E07: "Dragonshy" - Part 3

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Last part! Let's close this fucker out.

Alright, so right off the bat, Twilight Sparkle has the stupidest fucking plan I have ever. Ever! Apples? What the fuck are apples gonna do against a fire breathing dragon? It fills it's lungs with hate, and then you are dead. Also, shouldn't they have had Rainbow Dash clear the sky waaaaaaaaay earlier if that's all she came for? How is Rarity supposed to distract a dragon, accessorize it? Convince a dragon that it has to go away? What the fuck was Princess Celestia thinking?


So Twilight heads into the cave and it's not long before she realizes she's alone. She goes back, and tries to get Fluttershy to go back with her, but to no avail. Fluttershy meekly admits that she is scared of dragons, specifically. The other's bring up Spike and that motherfucking MANTICORE they faced down in the pilot episode, but she says those weren't full grown dragons, followed by NOPE and fucking off back home, I guess. 

Twilight goes into the cave alone after all while her backup cowers at the entrance. She reaches the dragon, and tries out her bullshit scheme to talk the dragon out of staying. It even looks like it'll work for a moment, but that's swiftly followed up with copious amounts of fail. 

Rarity says she's gonna give it a go herself, and it basically adds up to a bunch of brown-nosing while she tries to swipe some jewels. It goes about as well as you'd expect. 


Pinkie Pie's plan is this...

...Which results in this:

Rainbow Dash gets sick of all this ridiculousness and just charges into the cave and smacks the dragon on the snout as she tells it to GTFO. Naturally the dragon is pissed and knocks Dash right out of the cave and into the others, all of whom smash into a boulder, shattering it. Oh look who's still here!

Fluttershy sees that her friends have been hurt from the dragon, and her latent RAGE is triggered. She really lays into that dragon too, telling it to be more considerate of others when picking it's lair and shit like that. She ends up convincing it to leave, and the day is all saved and erry'thang! 

This would all be a lot more impressive if this wasn't the most pussified dragon I've ever seen. 

First of all, it only breaths smoke. What the fuck! Make it seem like an actual threat besides just looking scary. And then it whines like a toddler when it tells Fluttershy that Rainbow Dash hit it. 

What. A. Baby.

Yeah, so Twilight writes to Princess Trollestia about what went down, saying that it's good to have faith in your friends, sitcom closing credits laugh freeze frame, blah blah blah.

So that was Dragonshy! Not too shabby, over all. This episode looked great, the backgrounds were especially well done. Rarity got a little bit of development in this one, although I'm not exactly pleased that they decided to make her blatantly materialistic. There were a lot of laughs too, at least compared to the others in my opinion. I hope the show stays at or above this level of quality, it'll make for easier watching.

Alrighty, that's it for this review, see you next week for "Look Before You Sleep" - Part 1!

-Apathy Pony

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