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S01 E07: "Dragonshy" - Part 2

S01 E07: "Dragonshy" - Part 2

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Okay, so we're back from the commercial break, and the girls are startled by the sound of the dragon snoring like a jackhammer. Fluttershy is freaked out as expected, and Rainbow Dash decides she's gonna fly up there and check it out. Applejack is having none of her impulsive bullshit and says they're going to stick together because there's more safety in numbers. Dash is overwhelmed with butthurt, but they all begin to make their way to the peak. 

So they're climbin' and whatever, cracking jokes and shit, so of course Twilight goes all Buzz Killington and mentions that this is Serious Business and asks Fluttershy her thoughts on how to deal with the dragon. Cut to Fluttershy cowering at the base of the mountain, saying that it's too steep to climb. Rainbow Dash promptly points out that she has friggin' wings and to fly her ass up there with the rest of them.

Fluttershy tries to fly, and with a bit of difficulty manages to take off, but her wings lock up and she crashes after hearing another dragon snore. Applejack takes the map from Twilight and says she'll need it to find an alternate route around the mountain since Fluttershy is a mewling coward, and proceeds to lead Fluttershy to the top. 

Cut to Rarity and Pinkie Pie bored as fuck and playing Tic-Tac-Toe, because Hangman would require the existence of humans to be a thing in Equestria. Oh, and executions.

Applejack eventually arrives with Fluttershy, who she had to drag behind her what appears to be a great deal of the way. The six now finally reunited, they continue their journey to the dragon's cave. Along the way, they reach a chasm splitting the mountain path. Everyone that isn't Fluttershy leaps over the divide easily, leaving Fluttershy cowering and simpering on the other side. The others encourage her to make the jump, notably Pinkie Pie, who sings a song and doesn't irritate the shit out of me. 

Fluttershy works up the nerve to do it, and is almost to the other side when Twilight opens her big dumb mouth and says not to look down...which Fluttershy does. She flips out and starts to stop in mid-air to plummet to her doom...'d think. 

Man the fuck up Fluttershy, seriously. 

So they keep walking and walking, like Lord of the Fucking Rings, and they reach a spot where Twilight says that any noise could cause a rock-slide and to keep quiet. The journey continues and even Pinkie Pie manages to shut up...they really did fix her! Any residual hate for her is gone!

Too bad Fluttershy takes up her slack in the annoying department and screams "AVALANCHE!" because a falling leaf touched her ass.

A landslide is triggered, and a bunch of boulders and shit start falling all over the place. The animation sequence here is really well done, so much so that I almost forgot Rarity and Twilight probably could have used their telekinesis to stop all the rocks. 

Nobody is hurt, but the journey is made a lot harder now that they have to climb over a pile of jagged boulders and shit. Fluttershy meekly apologizes and everyone seems forgiving but Rainbow Dash, who is justifiably pissed. 

Everybody's climbing over the consequences of Fluttershy's fuck-up, when Fluttershy fucks up and slips, causing her to crash into Applejack and Rarity. Rarity apologizes in order to spare Fluttershy's feelings, but Dash snidely implies that she's not to blame, which she isn't.

Having had it up to here with Fluttershy's bullshit, Dash flies ahead to ask Twilight if it was a good idea to bring Fluttershy along. Twilight says they're about to find out, because they've made it to the dreaded lair of the sleeping dragon!

To be continued in S01 E07: "Dragonshy" - Part 3

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