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S01 E08: "Look Before You Sleep" - Part 2

S01 E08: "Look Before You Sleep" - Part 2

Read S01 E08: "Look Before You Sleep" - Part 1 here.

More MLP. FUCK. Here we go...

So we're back from  the capitalist indoctrination sequence, and Twilight Sparkle, Applejack and Rarity have their hair in curlers, which I assume they put in using Rarity and Twilight's magic.

Can we pause for a minute? Seriously, why don't all ponies have those magic horns? I mean, just from an evolutionary standpoint, you'd think they'd all have them if they're able to build such complex dwellings and shit without the use of opposable thumbs. Whatever.

Anyway, they take out their curlers and Twilight checks "Makeovers" off the Official Fun List and says it's time for ghost stories. Rarity and Applejack all but throw out the truce they made moments ago in order to suggest stories about ghosts that do the things they find annoying about each other.

Ya know, I really liked AJ at first, but she's really coming off as kind of a petty bitch in this episode. Is this gonna be a thing? Please don't let it be a thing. I like Applejack. I want to keep liking Applejack. Don't make her into a figurative nag, please.

"This is the tale of The Haunted Glue Factory..."

Moving on, lightning strikes the non-existant power lines and the lights go out, just in time for Twilight to suggest the story of The Headless Horse, which she begins to tell.

We don't hear the whole thing, but apparently it's scary as shit because Rarity and AJ forgot to be douchey to each other long enough to huddle together in fear...but only briefly.

The sound of a lightswitch is heard, even though there's no electric power infrastructure in Ponyville, and Twilight crosses ghost stories off the list and moves on to S'mores. They make some S'mores and AJ greedily eats one, then burps. Rarity gives her shit for a perceived lack of manners, but Applejack tells her that she interrupted her before she could excuse herself.

Now that S'mores is off the list, Twilight says it's time for Truth or Dare, and you just know some shit is about to go down. I feel kind of bad for Twilight because I think this is the first time she's actually been shown having actual fun with her friends. Usually you see her working or giving orders or some shit, which is weird, because there was a  Mayor of Ponyville and everything--


Things go about the way you'd expect-- AJ and Rarity dare each other to be more like themselves in a cunty way until Twilight says they have to follow the rules. Applecjack gets first blood by daring Rarity to go out in the rain and get her mane wet. Weave ruined, Rarity comes back inside and dares Applejack to dress up in a frilly frou-frou dress, which she does, somehow, because Twilight Sparkle totally has one of those just laying around.

The two of them go back to giving bitchy dares to each other until Twilight basically gets sick of their shit and decides to move on to the next ofder of busines-- fun.

Twilight checks out the book,and, uh oh--pillow fight. Twilight has no idea what this "pillow fight" could possibly consist of, but Rarity knows she wants nothing to do with it. One ballistic pillow to the face courtesy of Applejack later and she has sworn vengeance.

Twilight picks up on what a pillow fight is as AJ and rarity volley conveniently placed mounds of pillows at each other's heads, concluding that it would be fun just in time to be caught in the crossfire. Twilight pleads with them to tone it down some, but neither are willing to relent, causing Twilight to just say "Fuck it, let's just call it a night."

So everybody is finally in bed, you'd think they could at least sleep in peace, but no-- Rarity and AJ start fighting over who's hogging the blanket, which leads to them fighting over how best to make the bed. All this reaches a boiling point when Twilight can't take anymore and tells them to cut the shit.

Twilight reminds them that the Number One thing you're supposed to do at a slumber party is have fun, and that these two bickering bitches have ruined everything from start to finish. She asks what else could possibly go wrong and lightning strikes a nearby tree outside, making her sorry she asked.

Well, everything's totally fucked and we have 7 minutes left of show left. How will they revert things back to the status quo?

To be continued in S01 E08: "Look Before You Sleep" - Part 3!

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